Kickboxing is a well-recognised combat sport combining both martial arts and boxing together using various kicks from styles such as karate and taekwondo with punching techniques from boxing. Some people call it full contact karate with boxing.

There are many different styles of kickboxing such as Muay Thai kickboxing, American kickboxing, European kickboxing and many more. It all started in the late 1950s when karate experts wanted to try out their karate styles full contact in competitions which was not allowed at the time. They organised bouts with Muay Thai boxers which were full contact. Throughout the 1960s some of those karate experts went on to learn many new moves and techniques from the Muay Thai boxers and developed their skills into a style that is known today as kickboxing.

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    Kickboxing Witham

    Here at the Ultimate Combat Academy, we train K1 kickboxing that uses techniques from both Muay Thai kickboxing and regular kickboxing. Techniques include:

    • Elbow strikes
    • Knee strikes
    • Kicking
    • Punching
    • Blocking
    • Clinching/grappling

    Kickboxing is a fantastic sport for improving fitness, body conditioning, weight loss and toning up, flexibility, confidence and self-defence, discipline and much more. Classes are run in a very structured and safe environment. Students will have the option of working their way from white belt to black belt; however the grading system is not mandatory.

    We have classes that are suitable for children aged 10yrs and above and also classes for adults. All equipment is supplied but you will need your own gloves, pads and other safety equipment at a later stage.


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