Senshi-Ryu Karate

Karate is a hugely popular martial art that was developed in Okinawa, in the Ryukyu Islands south of Japan.

Karate-Do, means literally ‘the way of the empty hand’ referring to the fact that weapons are not used. Karate became popular in Japan in the early 20th Century and has gone on to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Modern Karate is largely a striking art, using punches, kicks, strikes with knees, elbows and open hand techniques. Historically Karate was a broader fighting style and included techniques that are less widely taught, such as joint ‘locks’, restraints, throws and grappling, as well as techniques such as breaks, rakes, gouges and nerve or vital point strikes.

Karate is very much one of the original mixed martial art styles that included both grappling and striking.

Traditionally Karateka’s are taught to avoid violence whenever possible, and are taught respect and humility, this is very much the case in our dojos.

Karate training is not only great for self-defence and fitness, it also builds character, focus, concentration, self-discipline, confidence and a real work ethic as students strive to achieve their goals. This is why so many parents enroll their children into Karate classes.


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    Our style of Karate-Do is called Senshi-Ryu, this translates as Warrior ‘School’ or ‘Style’ and is taught in a traditional Dojo Style. It is a blend of traditional hard and soft styles. Our syllabus includes modern and traditional techniques that work well against real life threats in real life scenarios. Senshi-Ryu is a practical fighting art for real self-defence.

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    Senshi-Ryu classes are disciplined yet fun. Children, adults, or entire families are able to train together and develop at their own pace. Our classes include both non-contact sparring for new and beginner grades and semi contact sparring for the higher grades and anyone else eligible, this is done in a controlled an safe environment using all the correct safety equipment.



    We have an in-class grading system for the newest (and most nervous!) students, moving on to more formal grading’s to achieve the higher ranks. Student grading’s are designed to test the effectiveness of their martial ability, rather than the elegant appearance of their techniques, as well as their spirit, character and self-discipline.

    We have Classes suitable for children 5yrs and above and adults, as well as classes for the whole family to train together.

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